Hey everyone! I can finally post these. I had to opportunity to do the illustrations featured in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie trailer. It had a very very quick turnaround and I had less than a day to do a lot of them but it was a wonderful experience. You can see the trailer itself here (though the art itself gets pretty shrouded in it).
illustration I made for the poster of thelesigh's upcoming show >) check out the event here!

illustration I made for the poster of thelesigh's upcoming show >) check out the event here!

I recently worked on a campaign for Allstate Insurance! Here are some styleframe and character designs I did for the for the short “Safe in My Hands” which you can watch in full here. It’s about LGBT visibility.

another sketch from my instagram

another sketch from my instagram

hey guys sorry for being dead I’ve been doing a lot of commercial work that I’m not allowed to post yet but soon!! I do keep an active instagram though, here are a few drawings from it. if you’d like to see some of my sketchbook and WIPs give me a follow, I’ll be posting more this summer :) @angelicaalzona

Hello!! I just stumbled upon your tumblr, and I wanted to tell you thank you for producing such amazing pictures. There's a real colourfulness, truthful and lovely feeling emanating from your artwork (both illustration and photography). Your framing isn't empty, even when you depict loneliness... there's always that warmth in it. Your work is quite creative and inspiring, keep it up!! Have the nicest day. Thank you for making my day.

aw man this is really nice thank you so much!!!!

I've just discovered your blog, and I just wanted to know. You talk about semesters, are you at uni? Oh and by the way you've gained a new fan. :D

hi thanks for the follow :) I graduated a couple years ago actually! school was rewarding but real life is way better lol

hey love i wanted to ask if you were okay with me saving one of your drawings and using it on my English presentation, it goes perfectly with it. if you would prefer i could water mark the bottom. thank you so much :)

aw of course!! yeah that kind of stuff is totally cool with me as long as its just for school or something. I hope your presentation goes well!

irisiso said:
Do you do commissions?

here and there sure! if you’re interested in something shoot me an email and I’ll give you an estimate. it also depends on how busy I am with freelance work.

Anonymous said:
Hi there:) I absolutely love your art and I was wondering if we could get prints? I would adore having your work on my wall

I have a ton of prints up on my inprnt!! also iphone cases. check it out :)